Peroxynitrite & Peroxide Cause Ion Channel Hyperexcitability & Pain

Specifically TRPA1 channels are prone to hyper-activation which is known to trigger pain sensations.

CT-044, CerSci’s lead molecular asset, has demonstrated efficacy across a battery of incisional, inflammatory, and neuropathic pain models with a clean animal safety package. CT-044 has completed IND-enablement and has commenced Phase I clinical trial to investigate safety and tolerability in healthy normal volunteers.

CT-044 is a unique RSDAx (Reactive Species Decomposition Accelerant).

Normal Physiology

In non-injured states, TRPA1 controls calcium influx on sensory neurons.

Tissue Injury

Peroxynitrite and peroxide form as by-products of inflammation, cause hyper- activation of TRPA1 ion channels causing aberrant neuronal firing and pain. In the presence of an RSDAx, peroxynitrite and peroxide are destroyed, preventing the onset of chronic pain.