Accelerating the path to a non-opioid future of pain relief.

Committed to finding new, safe ways to alleviate human suffering responsibly.

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For too long, the options for patients reliant on opioids and those in chronic pain have been too limited.

Today, CerSci Therapeutics® is poised to deliver a new generation of non-opioid medicines to treat acute post-operative and chronic neuropathic pain.

Understanding how pain starts can lead to new medicines to treat or even prevent pain.

Rather than concentrating on ion channel and GPCR targets that blunt pain, our science is focused on interrupting pathways that cause neuronal sensitization, the cause of pain.

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Prevention / Alleviation

of tactile allodynia, thermal hyperalgesia, and mechanical hypersensitivity

Sustained relief

A single dose can last for days

Lack of tolerance

✓ superior to opioids

No GI ulceration

✓ superior to NSAIDs

No sedation

✓ superior to gabapentinoids

Does not produce cardiac effects

✓ superior to ion channel blockers

CT-044, a powerful reactive species decomposition accelerant.

Learn more about the science behind Cersci’s lead molecular asset here.

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A mission equal parts scientific and humanitarian.

CerSci Therapeutics® was founded to deliver much needed new medicines through understanding the underlying mechanisms behind pain, and by conquering the core problem of neuronal sensitization.